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Elastomeric, elastomer, keypad, membrane, ems

Your go-to team for Sourcing, Procurement, Distribution and Logistics.

Our expertise in Low Cost Country Sourcing will save you valuable time and money.

We have already done the leg work of auditing and approving all our factories, and all are ISO certified at minimum.

Our supply chain runs deep … making sure that what you specify is what you receive, no surprises.

PCB, PCBA, EMS, Electronic, electronics
machining, tooling
quality, factory

What we offer is what most manufacturing

companies need in this demanding economy.

All the right factories

for all the right components. Just an example, we offer Plastic Injection Molding as well as other types of Plastic Fabrication, Sheet Metal Stamping and Forming, Cable Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board, Printed Circuit Assembly, Membrane Switches, Elastomeric Keypads.

Pricing & Logistics

No need to deal with offshore shipping companies and customs…we handle all the logistics.

Engineering Support

We have Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers on staff to assist with all stages…from initial design through complete manufacturing documentation. We work directly with our factories to provide the most economical design.

You deal with an American company

Our goal is to provide you the best deal for your parts procurement…whether it be Domestic or Offshore.

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